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These films have been compressed from their original quality for web playback .
Please allow sufficient time for each film to load.

Filesize: 28.1 MB
Duration: 12m 45s

The Pacific Art Collective is a progressive art organization that merges all forms of art into one great experience. This film was put together as a broadcast promotional video, and has been truncated from its original length.

Filesize: 4.78 MB
Duration: 02m 09s
Windows Media
Filesize: 7.50 MB

Urban Outbreak is a music video done for demonstration purposes. The music was created by Nuclear Blue at DigitalCandyStudios. The video was recorded, and edited by DigitalCandyStudios.


Filesize: 17.1 MB

Duration: 07m 41s
Windows Media
Filesize: 27.9 MB
Truncated from its original 18 minutes, this film explores the multiple lives a modern professional leads, and realizes the true job of a parent.